Documenting Global Art: Theories, Databases and Experimental Research Tools

Documenting Global Art:
Theories, Databases and Experimental Research Tools

Conference & Workshop

December 18 – 19, 2012, Barcelona, Catalonia

Organizing Team

Organized by: Global Visual Cultures | Department of Art History, University of Barcelona and Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris (INHA).

This project has the support of the program Art et mondialisation (Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art-Paris), the Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation National Plan (Ministry of Education of Spain) and the Department of Art History (University of Barcelona).

Anna Maria Guasch, Director
Nasheli Jiménez del Val, Coordination – Moderator
Joaquín Barriendos, Coordination – Moderator

Joaquín Barriendos, Columbia University
Anna Maria Guasch, University of Bacelona
Zahia Rahmani, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art-Paris


Zahia Rahmani, Art contemporain dans la mondialisation, INHA-París

Anna Maria Guasch, University of Barcelona
Joaquín Barriendos, Columbia University

Sala Gran, 4th Floor. Faculty of Geography and History, University of Barcelona
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Visit to the CCCB Archive with Neus Carreras, CCCB
7:30 – 8:30 pm

Documents, databases and public access

Art History, Multimedia Classroom Seminar, 3rd Floor
11:30 am – 2:00 pm

Zahia Rahmani, Art contemporain dans la Mondialisation, INHA-París
Núria Solé, Fundació Antoni Tàpies-Archivo y Documentación
Luz Muñoz, MFAH-Documents of 20th-Century Latin American and Latino Art
Maite Muñoz, MACBA Study Center Director
Jorge Blasco, Project leader of

Under the framework of a collaborative project between the University of Barcelona and the Program Art et mondialisation del Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA-París), the research group Art, Globalization, Interculturality (AGI) has organized a series of seminars entitled Documenting Global Art: Theories, Databases and Experimental Research Tools. The first of these seminars took place on December 14, 2011 at the University of Barcelona. During this session, several researchers and archivists of contemporary art museums discussed the challenges facing today’s new documentation centers.

Similarly, during the second seminar in the series will discuss the projects launched by museums: the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona) and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston; art centers: the CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) and the Antoni Tàpies foundation; and research institutes such as the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art-París and independent projects.

Opening Conference:
Zahia Rahmani

Zahia Rahmani, INHA-Contemporary Art in Globalization. Writer and art historian Zahia Rahmani joined INHA in January 2004. She conducts a forward-looking and cross-cutting research program on contemporary artistic practices in globalization. She is currently working on the creation of a bibliographic database aimed at reporting on the theoretical corpus – from her genealogy to the borrowing of comparative literature – used by critical and professional actors in the globalized contemporary art scene.

Núria Solé

Núria Solé, Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Núria is a graduate in Art History and Italian Philology Graduate by the Universitat de Barcelona and accumulates five years of experience as manager in several bookstores specialized in contemporary art (e.g. the one at Arts Santa Mònica and the one at Fundació Antoni Tàpies). In 2008 Núria joined the Archives and Documentation department of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, where she has since participated in the development of the project Archive-Thesaurus under the supervision of Laurence Rassel and Jorge Blasco Gallardo. Núria is currently a member of the team in charge of developing the Combinatory Arts (A Place for Education, Exhibition and Research) at the Fundació.

Luz Muñoz

Luz Muñoz, MFAH-Documents of 20th-Century Latin American and Latino Art. She has worked in research, management, and curating exhibitions in the field of visual arts. Master of Arts Postgraduate in CCC-Etudes Critiques Curatorial Cybermédias de Geneve University of Art and Design, Geneva Switzerland. In the professional field, participated in the creation of the first Documentation Centre of the Arts in Chile, located in the Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda, and later served as research coordinator of the center, Along with Paula Honorato created the website Since 2004 is part of the project team Documents of 20th Century Latin American and Latino Art Digital Archive and Publications at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA. Among its themes are working file, memory and forms of social resistance. She studied and worked in Chile until 2006, currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Jorge Blasco Gallardo

Jorge Blasco Gallardo studied fine arts at the Universidad de Salamanca and broadened his training at the Technological Educational Institution of Athens. He did postgraduate and doctoral studies at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB-UPC). He is director of the project in progress Archive Cultures, which was launched at Fundació Antoni Tàpies in October 2000. He is currently working on the development of projects and publications linked to Archive Cultures and the production of the AIAN, Spanish Civil War section. He is editor of the portal

Maite Muñoz

Maite Muñoz, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona – MACBA. Archivist, MACBA Study Center. She holds a B.A. in Fine Arts (Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche, Spain), focused in New Media. She has completed one Master’s degree in Design and Communication Studies, where she specialised in Video-game Studies (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain) and another one on Media Art Curating (ESDI/Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain). Since 2004, she has combined her professional activity as a graphic designer with a deep interest in and involvement with contemporary art. She is part of the MACBA Study Center team since 2008.


UB, Universitat de Barcelona, Aula Magna
Montalegre 6, 4th Floor, 08001 Barcelona, Catalonia
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