Blackout: The Necropolitics of Extraction

Blackout: The Necropolitics of Extraction

Doctoral seminar with T. J. Demos (UCSC)

May 25, 2018, Barcelona, Catalonia

Organizing Team

Organized by: AGI | Art, Globalization, Interculturality, Departament d´Història de l’Art, Facultat de Geografia i Història, Universitat de Barcelona. PhD Academic Committee, Course 2018-2019

Coordinator and convenor: Christian Alonso, University of Barcelona
Language: English. Simultaneous translation service will not be provided
Cover image: Black Sea Files, Ursula Biemann, 2005.


T. J. Demos, Blackout: The Necropolitics of Extraction

Coffee break

Kevin Buckland, Expect the unexpected

Leah Temper, MappingBack: Indigenous Minor Cartography Vs. Major Extractive Industries

Blanca de la Torre, Hybris. An eco-aesthetical approach

Christian Alonso, Overflowing capitalist’ mechanisms of subjection

Lunch brake

Marta Dahó, Dark market. Mineral extraction from the geographical turn perspective

Martin Llavaneras, Fruit Belt

Ana Alenso, Eli Cortiñas, Michelle- Marie Letelier, Constanza Mendoza, Marcela Moraga, Rachel O’Reilly and Jara Rocha, Extracted Bodies_Corporeal Grounds

This seminar will address extraction—a key logic of global capitalism—as well as the politics and aesthetics of emergent forms of resistance today. In view of spreading sacrifice zones given over to resource mining, abetted by exploitative international trade agreements and the finance of debt servitude, what forms do the cultural politics of resistance take, and how are artists—including Angela Melitopoulos, Allora & Calzadilla, and Ursula Biemann—materializing images and sounds of emancipation and decolonization?

We invite artists, curators, researchers, writers, art historians and other cultural producers working with ecology both on a thematic a methodological level, thinking through the material conditions of the present and exploring the significance and value of art projects to be analysed with regard to their materials, the social consequences and a reflection on the very institutional structures we inhabit and the dynamics we foster.

Keynote Talk:
T.J. Demos

T.J. Demos writes widely on modern and contemporary art and his essays have appeared in magazines, journals, and catalogues worldwide. His published work centers broadly on the conjunction of art and politics, examining the ability of artistic practice to invent innovative and experimental strategies that challenge dominant social, political, and economic conventions. He has served on the Art Journal editorial board (2004-08), and currently is on the editorial board of Third Text, and on the advisory board of Grey Room. Demos is Director of the Center for Creative Ecologies at UC Santa Cruz.

Professor Demos’ current research focuses on contemporary art and visual culture, investigating in particular the diverse ways that artists and activists have negotiated crises associated with globalization, including the emerging conjunction of post-9/11 political sovereignty and statelessness, the hauntings of the colonial past, and the growing biopolitical conflicts around ecology and climate change.

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