Interference: Visual Epistemologies and Interculturality

Interference: Visual Epistemologies and Interculturality

II Annual Symposium

March 1, 2008, Barcelona, Spain

Organizing Team

Keynote Speakers
Marquard Smith, Kingston University
Juan Vicente Aliaga, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Joaquín Barriendos, Universitat de Barcelona
José Luis Brea, Universidad Carlos III
Elvira Dyangani, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo
Anna Maria Guasch, Universitat de Barcelona
Carles Guerra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Cristián Gómez Moya, University of Barcelona, Spain
Pablo de Soto, Hackitectura

Joaquin Barriendos, University of Barcelona, Spain
Alex Bauzá, University of Barcelona, Spain
Ferrán Barenblit, Centro Arts Santa Mònica
Modesta di Paola, University of Barcelona, Spain
Andrea Díaz, University of Barcelona, Spain

Joaquin Barriendos, Columbia University, Nueva York
Anna Maria Guasch, Universitat de Barcelona

With the support of:
Arts Santa Mònica
Ministerio de Ciencia y Educación / HAR2010-17403 / 2011-2013
University of Barcelona, Departament de Historia de l’Art


10:30 / Marquard Smith
The Editor: Host, Parasit, Curator
Moderator: Ferran Barenblit

12:30 / Pablo de Soto
Social Production of Cyborg Territory: Fadaiat, Emerging Geographies, Situatio Room
Moderator: Joaquín Barriendos

17:00 / Cristián Gómez Moya
Performative Faces: performativos: Clandestinity, Copy, Surplus
Moderator: Àlex Bauzà

17:45 / Elvira Dyangani
Attempting to deplete an African Landscape
Moderator: Modesta di Paola

17:30 / Anna Maria Guasch and Joaquín Barriendos
Art / Visuality / Interculturality: An onoing research group

18:00 / Juan Vicente Aliaga
Can we deal with interculutrality from a gender position?

19:00 / Joaquín Barriendos
Visual Interferencies / Non-Visual Epistemologies

20:00 / Carles Guerra
Global Software / Local Thinking

The second VC/GD symposium elaborates on the limits, pertinency, and contradictions of the idea of establishing a new ‘intercultural dialogue’ between different visual cultures in the global world. On the one hand, differences between diverse practices of looking around the globe will be discussed; on the other, the future of a sort of universal aesthetic modernity will be confronted with the regional shifts and transnational migratory movements within contemporary art system. Consiering elements such as gender, mediactivism, global circulation of local culture, intercultural dialogue, commodification of the postcolonial alterity, and transcultural curatorial practices among others, this symposium will analyze the visual representation of cultural diversity within the art world and will establish connections between espistemic regimes and visual cultures.

Opening Speech: Marquard Smith

Marquard Smith is an academic, curator, editor, and commissioner, with twenty years experience working mostly in an art school context, and collaborating with cultural organisations such as Arts Catalyst, ICA, Live Art Development Agency, MK Gallery, Tate, and Whitechapel on exhibitions, publications, and public programming. As an academic manager, his roles have included Head of the School of Art and Design History, Kingston University, Research Leader and Head of Doctoral Studies in the School of Humanities at Royal College of Art, and Founding Director of the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at University of Westminster. Marq is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Visual Culture, Founder and Director of the International Association for Visual Culture, and a Director/Board member of the Live Art Development Agency.

Speaker: Pablo de Soto

Pablo de Soto is a researcher and artist. He holds a PhD in Communication and Culture from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2016), with the thesis entitled “Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene, staying with the trouble in Fukushima”, based on a field work conducted as an artist in residence in Tokyo Wonder Site, thanks to a grant by Hangar Art Center Barcelona. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Editor of the books Fadaiat : freedom of movement, freedom of knowledge, and Situation Room: designing a prototype of a citizen’s situation room. Co-author of the Critical Cartography of the Strait of Gibraltar, exhibited internationally. Winner of the LAB_Cyberspaces and LAB_ExperimentaJoven awards by LABoral Art Center of Gijón. During the 2000s he was cofounder of, exhibiting their works in the Seville Biennial, ZKM Center for Art and Media and LABoral. Coordinator of the projects and, awarded the Elinor Ostrom Prize in research on commons by the University of Buenos Aires. Artist in residency grant Townhouse Gallery Cairo. He is coeditor of the video book AfterVideo:assemblages to be published at the end of this year by Open Humanities Press London.

Speaker: Cristián Gómez-Moya

Cristián Gómez-Moya is a researcher, academic and creator of the visual arts. He is responsible for directing the Visual and Medial Studies Program at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Chile. In his lines of research he approaches the problems of the image and the visuality, as well as the documents and archives of art-politics in the time of the post-dictatorships in Latin America. He has curated the project Human Rights / Copy Rights. Visual Archives at the Time of the Declassification (2013-2014) and responsible for the international seminar Declassifying the Archive (2014-2015). He is the author of the book Derechos de mirada. Arte y visualidad en los archivos desclasificados (2012), and co-editor of Art, Archive and Technology (2012). He currently directs the collection Escribir las Artes Visuales de la Editorial Palinodia, and is a member of the editorial team of the Magazine Papel Máquina in Santiago de Chile.


Centre d’Art Santa Mònica
La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain