The Society Without Story

The Society Without Story

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Head of Research: Néstor García Canclini, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

This project was born of the urgent need to rehabilitate our capacity of dreaming up different futures and imagining a better tomorrow. Over the last decades we have heard a plethora of arguments that, as a whole, have become fixtures in the dictatorship of a scarce present. We can number a few: the supposed failure of utopias of the masses, the extension of a culture of fear that keeps us from exploring new social and political territories, and the constant apologetics of flexibility that keeps us well-adjusted to the generalized precariousness of our time. Within this context, the possibility of building and planning personal biographic projects has become reduced to its minimum expression, to the extent that any attempts to think of a different future are most definitively cancelled. Given this situation, cultural critique is faced with the double obstacle to urgently repair the future and to correct the indiscriminate use of memory. The use of an indirect style is a method that has been used to supersede this double obstacle through poetic wit and political efficacy.

Key Concepts:

Contemporary art, Globalization, Artistic Practice, Displacement