Christian Alonso

Christian Alonso


Key Concepts:

Ecosophical Creativity
Environmental Ethics
Multispecies Imagination
Queer Ecology
Cosmopolitics and Animism
Art, Science, Technology


Ecosophical Aesthetics and the Production of Posthuman
Subjectivity in the Age of Semiocapitalism

Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art
Machinic Recompositions

Christian Alonso is a researcher, writer and curator based in Barcelona. He is a lecturer in art history at ESDi Design School-Ramon Llull University and the University of Lleida. He has been coordinator of On Mediation programme on curatorial studies and project coordinator at the research group AGI – Art, Globalization, Interculturality (University of Barcelona), 2013-2021. He holds a PhD in Art history and theory, University of Barcelona. In his doctoral dissertation he combines Félix Guattari’s ecosophic perspective with a series of ethico-aesthetic practices in order to conceptualise the work of art as a technology for producing non-anthropocentric modes of life. He has worked on this subject as a curator (Imaginaris multiespècies [Multispecies imaginaries], La Capella, 2022; Polítiques del sòl [Soil politics], Centre d’Art Maristany, 2019; Recomposicions maquíniques [Machinic recompositions], Can Felipa, 2017); as an author and editor of books and journals (Transversal Ethico-Aesthetics, REGAC Journal of Global Studies and Contemporary Art, 2022; Polítiques del sòl [Soil politics], Sant Cugat City Council, 2022; Recomposicions maquíniques, Barcelona City Council, 2019; Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art, Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 2019); as the coordinator of conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops on art and critical thought (Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art, MACBA, 2016; 2018; 2019; 2020; Indigenous Epistemologies and Artistic Imagination, Institut Français-MACBA, 2019; Culture and Sustainability: 3 days with T.J. Demos, Fundació Tàpies-UB, 2018; Art and Speculative Futures, CCCB, 2016; Towards an Ecology of Knowledges, MACBA-UB); and as director of applied artistic research projects (Working Group on the hybrid ecologies of the Llobregat Delta).