Perder el Norte [tentativa #2]

Perder el Norte [tentativa #2]

Collective Exhibition

February 15, 2014 / 19:00 – 22:00 hrs, Barcelona, Spain


Artists: Pep Vidal, José Luis Bravo, Teresa Lenzi, Jesús García, Angie Bonino, Felipe Vaz

Commissioners: PhD Associated Researchers

Texts: Rafael Pinilla, Diana Padrón Alonso, Arola Valls Bofill, Andrea Díaz Mattei, Federica Matelli, Olga Sureda Guasch

Poster Design: Nasheli Jiménez

Beyond a certain tendency to include the margins through a suspiciously integrating map, new strategies are needed to generate an ​​encounter area where identity and otherness can remain in a state of power and resist the subjection of the hegemonic. If, as Jean-François Lyotard indicates, only dissent is able to avoid subordination (Lyotard 1988), in order to generate an emancipation experience, it becomes strictly necessary to explore beyond what is agreed upon, to reposition ourselves on the map by losing the north.

Perder el Norte is an initiative of dissent against hegemonic representation policies, which is articulated through a series of discontinuous activities organized from the benefit of the periphery, and which seeks to enable a critical perspective to imagine a future that has not been agreed. The collective exhibition Perder el norte [tentantiva #2] aims to generate a space for discussion through different proposals exploring these issues.


Club Cronopios, Asociación Cultural Literaria
Carrer de Ferlandina 16, 08001 Barcelona Spain