Esto no es una Exposición

Esto no es una Exposición

Collective Exhibition

March 1 – May 25, 2008, Navarra, Spain


Artists: Bruno Serralongue, Allan Sekula, Azra Aksamija, Jeremy Deller, Joaquim Jordà, Vesselina Nikolaeva, Florence Lazar, Alejandra Riera, Walid Raad, y de otros como Jordi Colomer, Ignasi Aballí, Raimond Chaves, colectivo Cinema en curs

Commissioner: Carles Guerra

Coordination: Jenny Gil-Schmitz

Educative Project: Imanol Aguirre

This is not an Exhibition is articulated as a set of works that do not obey a single theme, but rather make up a heterogeneous list of topics. The school, the war, the factory, the global, the architecture, the city, the music, the vacations and several more entries order and agglutinate photographs, videos and documents. This is not an exhibition invites to use the sample in those aspects that are relevant for each of the visitors or groups of users.

The works presented are not intended to be mere objects of contemplation, but to circulate and to be transported to other spaces, places and institutions. Its ultimate purpose is to be debated by specific audiences. In short, this exhibition aspires to be an anti-exposure that transforms the room into a resource center for the closest users.


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte
C/ Calvario 2, 31620 Huarte, Navarra, Spain