Estilo Indirecto

Estilo Indirecto

Itinerant Exhibition

November 11, 2011 – January 28, 2012, Barcelona, Spain


Artist: Jordi Colomer, Adrià Julià, David Maljkovic, Chris Mottalini, Javier Peñafiel, Peter Piller, Thomas Steinert y Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation

Commissioner: Martí Peran

With the support of: Fundación Foto Colectania and Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani.

The indirect style is that narrative modality in which the narrator appropriates the voice of the characters, to edit it in a subordinate way to their own position. With this kind of gesture, contemporary culture seeks to alleviate a very specific deficiency: the urgency of future.

Indeed, through an indirect style, different past episodes, still fraught with hope and possibilities to project them towards tomorrow, are revised and reformatted in the manner of recollections capable of assaulting the present, shaking the linearity of history and opening up future enlightenment.

The photographic medium, through the use of collage that recomposes pieces of material, narratives and geographies, has become an effective instrument to rehearse this impatient (re) political construction of new horizons. The exhibition Indirect style brings together different works solved in this tension between memory and prediction.


Fundación Foto Colectania
Passeig Picasso 14, 08003 Barcelona

Plaça de Santa Llúcia 1, 17007 Girona