Theory and Curatorial Practices in the Global Art

Training Seminar
January – May, 2014
Direction: Anna Maria Guasch & Martí Peran
Coordination: Nasheli Jiménez, Christian Alonso, Diana Padrón, Olga Sureda
Presented by: AGI | Art, Globalization, Interculturality
Department of Art History, University of Barcelona


In recent years, the artistic sphere has been demanding the professionalization of the figure of the curator, to the point that they are many academic structures that provide curatorial training in their curricula. This has ensured career in the field of curating, but threatens to become a specialized discipline in the global art scene.

From the research group Art Globalization Interculturality (Universitat de Barcelona), we believe it is necessary to detail the results from contemporary curatorial practices understood as mediation mechanism, ‘thinking beyond the specialized role’ and creating a space for debate ‘on the cultural location of this mediation’ (Lars Bang Larsen & Soren Andresen, 2006).

On mediation. Theory and Curatorial Practices in the Global Art, is a theoretical and practical training seminar, where we will address various perspectives to identify different methodologies to promote the curatorial practice towards a multidisciplinary scenario. Thus, the seminar will be organized through a first theoretical phase of led lectures by curators of recognized international experience and a second practice phase, where participants can develop the ideas put forward by three curatorial projects mentored, to be presented at different artistic centers in the Catalunya circuit.

This seminar is open to artists, curators, critics, students, researchers and other collectives interested in developing their curatorial concerns beyond the disciplinary scope, deepening in the practice of cultural mediation and questioning imposed models. All registered participants will receive a certificate of attendance, online work materials, personalized tutoring, specific monitoring of curatorial projects and the ability to publish in the journal REG|AC (Journal of Global Studies and Contemporary Art, University of Barcelona).


• Online work materials
• Personalized tutoring
• Seminar attendance Certificate
• 48 training hours (18 hours of Theoretical Sessions / 30 hours of Practical Sessions)
• Mandatory Sessions
• Theoretical Sessions (November 13 – December 18, 2013) Wednesdays / 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Faculty of Geography and History. Montalegre 6, Classroom 406
• Practical Sessions (January – May 2014) Place and time TBD
• Coordination and monitoring of three curatorial projects
• Ability to publish in the journal REG|AC (Journal of Global Studies and Contemporary Art, University of Barcelona)
• Language: Spanish
• Registration: 180 € students / 240 € general
To register send CV and cover letter to [Subject: On Mediation] before October 31. After the selection process we will contact the participants and proceed with the registration (5 – 10 noviembre 2013)
• Capacity: 30

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