Juan David Uribe Saavedra

Juan David Uribe Saavedra

Doctoral Student



Juan David Uribe Saavedra (Medellín, 1978) finished his studies in Industrial Design with a scholarship at the EINA School of Design in Barcelona (2001). He has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Industrial Ecology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007). In the year (2008) he completed a Diploma in Peace Culture at the School of Peace Culture of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since 2002, he has developed the Ido post industrial design project (www.ideodiseno.com) focused mainly in the investigation and experimentation of new functional and formal possibilities around material waste, where tries to reedit, expand and explore the life cycle of materials from reuse and design. It is a project that has sought holistically to revolve around reflection and critical analysis of the political, social and environmental conflicts that generate consumption habits and contemporary material culture.

In 2008 he participated in the Torino World Design Capital, TO.IS GiocoDesignDisabilità, The International UNESCO Creativity Workshop ”with the design of a toy created from waste for children with special disabilities. That same year he participated in the Exhibition “The Flight Number Ten Exhibition” at La Cite Du Design in Saint-Étienne, France and the project is finalist in the first edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award: “Model responses to the new challenges of the cities ”in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the FAD – Foment de les Arts i del Disseny, Barcelona. In 2010, the Catalan Waste Agency received a Special Mention for its participation in the European Waste Prevention Week. In 2012 he exhibits his objects in the framework of the Berlin DMY Contemporary Design Festival: UNESCO Human Rights MakerLab. And in 2013 he developed a workshop on waste recovery called Workshop kids for Barcelona Design Week.

Parallel to this, Juan David has projected his profile around the study of garbage and waste management systems. In 2002 he worked for the informal recyclers movement in Colombia. In 2010 he was a researcher for the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the development of strategies for the recovery of the home organic fraction, a pilot project in urban community gardens in Barcelona. In 2012, he developed research for the design of new criteria for the recovery and reuse of waste in the Green Points of the Barcelona Zone. And in 2017 he worked on the research on the inamic of use in the selective waste containers in Barcelona.

He is currently developing his doctoral thesis at the University of Barcelona, ​​around the interdisciplinarity rítica of design: a challenge in the framework of the decrease under the direction of Professor Martí Peran, in the Department of History of History l’Art. History and Theory of the Arts. History of Art Modern and Contemporary.