Rick Dolphijn

Rick Dolphijn

Consejo Asesor Académico

Key Concepts:

Filosofía europea, género, crítica poscolonial, teoría queer, estudios transgénero, literatura comparada, medios, filosofía del arte, Interdisciplinariedad, Estudios de ciencia y tecnología, Filosofía de la ciencia


Associate Professor, Universiteit Utrecht

Dr. Rick Dolphijn is an associate professor based at Humanities, with an interest in transdisciplinary research at large. He wrote Foodscapes, Towards a Deleuzian Ethics of Consumption (Eburon/University of Chicago Press 2004) and (with Iris van der Tuin) New Materialism: Interviews and Cartographies (Open Humanities Press 2012) and is finishing his new monograph entitled The Cracks of the Contemporary; A Meditation on Art, Wounds and a Damaged Earth. He has published widely on new materialism, ecology/ecosophy, feminist/postcolonial theory and, contemporary art and is interested in the developments in continental philosophy and speculative thought. His academic work has appeared in journals like Angelaki, Rhizomes, Collapse, and Deleuze Studies. He edited (with Rosi Braidotti) This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life (Brill/Rodopi 2014/5) and Philosophy after Nature (2017). Most recently he published an edited volume entitled Michel Serres and the Crises of the Contemporary with Bloomsbury Academic.