Julia Ramírez Blanco

Julia Ramírez Blanco, Madrid, 1985. Juan de la Cierva Researcher at Barcelona University, within the Art Globalization Interculturality Research group. PhD in Art History, with a European thesis on Contemporary Artistic Utopias. Art, Social Movements and Utopia in Western Europe (Complutense University, Madrid, 2015).

Some of her recent work has focused on the intersection between art, social imagination and activism. She is the author of the book Utopías artísticas de revuelta. Claremont Road, Reclaim the Streets, la Ciudad de Sol [Artistic Utopias of Revolt. Claremont Road, Reclaim the Streets, the City of Sol] (Cátedra, 2014), which explores the aesthetic and utopian dimensions of various social movements. In her introduction to the Spanish edition of Hans Prinzhorn’s Artistry of the Mentally Ill (Expresiones de la locura, Cátedra, 2012), she investigated the connections between outsider art and the avant-garde. She has also translated Erwin Panofsky´s Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism (Madrid, Siruela, 2007). Her texts have appeared in various collective books and in publications such as Third Text, Arquitectura Viva, Quintana, Lars, Boletín de Arte, El Mundo, and The Nation. Her research has been supported by various grants (FPU, Ministerio español de Educación y Ciencia, 2011-2015; Residencia de Estudiantes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, 2010-2013; Academia de España en Roma, 2015-2016). She has conducted research stays at New York University with the sociology professor Stephen Duncombe, and in Nantes and Paris, with the researcher Emmanuelle Chérel. She has also been teacher for Tufts University and Skidmore College in Madrid.


“Urbanismo de revuelta. La Ciudad del Sol, un manifiesto arquitectónico”
Arquitectura Viva, 145, 2012, p. 112
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