Manuela Frudà

Catania, Italy, 1981. Manuela Frudà graduated in European Cultures and Languages at the University of Catania (2006), and M.A. in Advanced Studies of Art History at the University of Barcelona, Spain (2008 – 2010). Frudà worked as documentalist and cataloger for the Virtual Museum of University of Barcelona, (2010–2011) and for the Study Centre of MACBABarcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (2010), where she also had worked on classifying, archiving and searching of documentation for the art collection (2009). She has participated in workshops about shared investigation and the critic process of artistic production (2011), Cultural Management (2011), and Development of artistic projects (2009-2010).

She is currently working on her Ph.D. in History of Contemporary Art: “El debate del global / local en la representación de la ciudad africana (2000-2011)” (“The discussion of global / local in the representation of the African city”), at the University of Barcelona, Spain, under the supervisión of Doctor Anna Maria Guasch. As she is specially interested in globalisation research and interdisciplinary studies, her doctoral thesis deals with the debate between global and local in the representation of African City, and it is focused on the years 2000 – 2011. Moreover, she is now working as web contents manager and documentalist for the department of publications of MACBA.

Since she is fluent in many languages, she occasionally works as a translator and interpretor. She is fond of new technologies and she has her own blogs about culture and alternative thinking.