Federica Matelli

Pietrasanta, Italy, 1977. Founder / Curator of LiminalB | Matelli graduated in Aesthetic Philosophy and Contemporary Art Theory, from Pisa University (Italy) with a thesis on Jean Luc Nancy, Body Philosophy and its Relations with Body Art, Performance and Technological Aesthetics. She is currently in the PhD program in History of Art at UB University, and previously completed her Masters in Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media at ESDI and Ramón Llull University organized by MECAD, Media Centre of Art and Design (Barcelona).

Since 2006 she has worked as an independent curator and researcher. She has given conferences in the Philosophy and Art History Departments of Pisa University and MECAD. She has also collaborated with Renato Minucciani (Florence) and from 2004 to 2007 with Alter Ego Gallery, Barcelona. From January 2005, she started collaborating with GEIFC, Contemporary Phenomenon Study Group (Barcelona), for whom she wrote several articles. She worked on the 15th and 16th editions of Invideo, Internacional Exposition of Video and Cinema Beyond (Milan).

Matelli worked at ZKM | Centre for art and Media Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany), where she contributed to the exhibition titled “Deformed Space”, organized by the ZKM | Museum in the context of the Art and Science Festival (Rome). Recently she realized a video interview with Jean Luc Nancy about his philosophy, interactive art, and contemporary society. Along with seven other artists from around the world, she created the winning selection of the Disonancia06 international competition. Matelli has curated various video selections and exhibitions internationally including: DIVA08. Video and Digital Art Fair (Paris, France), Videoakt. Glogauair. Visula art center (Berlin, Germany), Electrofringe. Experimental Electronic Arts and Culture (NewCastle, Australia), Loop07. Video Fair and Festival (Barcelona, Spain), Loop08. Video Fair and Festival (Barcelona, Spain), 10 años de Mecad. ESTRUCH (Sabadell, Spain), among others. She founded and directs LiminalB | Interdisciplinary Art and International Internship since 2006.

Liminalb | Interdisciplinary Art and International Internship

LiminalB is an organization for the promotion of interdisciplinary contemporary art and international internships. Its official center is in Barcelona and it has been active since 2006. Its purpose is to create connections between different kinds of creative areas and promote contacts between different international realities.

The association aims to contribute to the work of artists of different disciplines – from performance, video, cinema, interactive art, public space intervention, net-art, to the most recent artistic practices of creating hybrids between art, science, and technology. It promotes artistic activities trough the organization of exhibitions, workshops and conferences, and supports artists in their project conception phase and later in the promotion of their art.

LiminalB presents itself as a non-profit and independent platform whose purpose is to create a network of creators, curators, and institutions, locally and internationally, to construct new and multiple routes for circulation of artwork and ideas.