Daniela Hermosilla Z.

Santiago de Chile, 1983. Graduate in Visual Arts at Finis Terrae University (2007), Diplome in Theory of Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile University (2008) and M.A in Advanced Studies in Art History at the University of Barcelona (2011).

In 2008/09 she was the Director of Cultural Management in the Foundation for Latin American Studies Gonzalo Rojas (Santiago, Chile), where she organized and coordinated exhibitions, conferences and seminars. In 2010 she worked in the organization of SSWAB Barcelona (Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain) and from 2011 she works in the organization and diffusion of Lakino‐Berlin (Latinamerican Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany).

Currently, Hermosilla is working on her Ph.D research on strategies for visual representation of memory in contemporary art, addressing the artist’s book as case of study. The thesis, directed by Professor Anna Maria Guasch F., proposes the artist’s book as a creative process and container of memory, questioning the coherence between collective memory in a global context and its influence on the contemporary artistic memory‐practice.

In addition to her doctoral work, she is involved in different artistic and editorial projects.

Thesis Abstract

“Memory-Exercises in the Contemporary Artistic Practice:
The Artist’s Book as a Memory Object”
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