Alejandro Bauzà

Barcelona, Spain, 1976.

2010 – Ph.D. Summa cum Laude, Art History (UB); 2004 – Master of Advanced Studies (UB); 2002-2004 – Ph.D. Student in Art History (UB); 1998 – C.A.P. (UPC, Polytechnic University of Catalonia); 1994-1999 – Bachelor in Fine Arts (UB)
Work Experience
2010-2011 – Collaborator at Arts Combinatòries Project (Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona); 1999-2011 – High School Professor at Maristas la Immaculada (Barcelona); 2006-2007 – Professor at Fine Arts Faculty (UB, University of Barcelona)

2009 – III Simposium Culturas visuales / Diseños Globales (UB); V Simposium “Art critic in a global world” (ACCA, Catalan Association of Art Critics)
2008 – XVII National Congress of Art History; IV Simposium “Art critics in a global world” (ACCA); Course “Ideas received: a vocabulary for contemporary artistic culture” (UB); Summer Course “(Post) Global Memory: museums, monuments and deterritorialization” (UCM, Complutense University of Madrid); II Simposium Visual Cultures / Global Designs (UB)
2007 – Summer Course “Memory and contemporary art” (UCM); III Simposium “Art critic in a global world” (ACCA)
2002 – Course “How to understand contemporary art” (UB / Fundació Vila Casas)
2001 – Course “Fundamentals of design: an approach to the subject” (UB); Summer Course “Postmodernity and the last twentieth century art” (UB); Course “The debate in the twentieth century: elements for his humanistic interpretation” (CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona)
2000 – Summer Course “Review the twentieth century: new historiographical parameters for study of contemporary art 1900- 1940” (UMP, Universidad Menéndez-Pelayo)
1999 – Summer Course “Genealogies of contemporary art: 1968- 2000” (UB)

“El mundo estaba en otra parte”, catalogue text, exhibition “Víctor Pimstein: el mundo estaba en otra parte” (Joan Prats Gallery, Barcelona, June-September 2009)
“Beshencevo: a current history”, catalogue text, exhibition “La memoria del otro” (Museo de Arte Universidad Central de Colombia, September-November 2009)
“A la sombra de Aby Warburg”, paper, XVII National Congress of Art History held in Barcelona (September 2008)