Mieke Bal

Is a cultural theorist, critic, and video artist. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Professor (KNAW), 2005-2011, based at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam. Areas of interest range from biblical and classical antiquity to 17th century and contemporary art and modern literature, feminism and migratory culture.

Publications include A Mieke Bal Reader (2006), Travelling Concepts in the Humanities (2002) and Narratology (3rd edition 2009). Mieke’s experimental documentaries on migration include A Thousand and One Days; Separations; Colony, and the installation Nothing is Missing as part of the Cinema Suitcase collective. Her work is exhibited internationally. Her recent work is the Mère Folle project, an international project on madness that includes the ‘theoretical fiction’ feature film A Long History of Madness, installations and research.

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