Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media

Research Centre
Director: Jonathan Harris
Winchester Schoool of Art, Liverpool, UK

The Centre provides a vibrant environment for intellectual debate and creative practice with an international perspective, aided by our partner institutions. We are involved in applications for funded research in the UK and internationally. The Centre’s concerns focus on the political and socio-cultural problems and opportunities of globalization in art, design and media. Its fellows have a wide range of special interests related to globalization and worldwide social transformation.

Research areas

  • Politics and cultural change
  • Middle eastern cultures and art
  • Digital media
  • Documentary film and agency
  • Art history and feminism
  • Cinema and culture
  • Graphic design and social progressivism
  • Fashion as social history
  • Art spectatorship and visual cognition
  • Media archaeology
  • Visual technology, urbanism and militarization
  • Fashion and internationalization
  • Textiles, material culture and politics
  • Marketing the design and creative industries
  • Members of the Winchester Centre are active in developing teaching and learning strategies at WSA. Students benefit from a wide variety of international research opportunities, including networking and project events involving internationally renowned artists (Victor Burgin, Michelle Teran, Sue Clayton, Simon Bright) and cultural theorists (Jodi Dean, Alex Galloway, Michel Bauwens, Ian Hargreaves, Lawrence Grossberg, Esther Milne, John Beck, John Phillips, Stephen Graham, Hammad Nasar). More events are being scheduled for 2013.