Archives de la critique d’art

Professional Training and Research
President: Jean Marc-Poinsot
Director: Marie-Raphaëlle Le Denmat
Rennes University, Rennes, FR

The Situation Today
A collection of archives from the most important critics from 1950 to the present, also covering events (Biennale de Paris), artists and galleries. A library of 60,000 books, numerous contemporary art periodicals and a living archive of the activities of more than 250 art world figures in France and around the world.
Permanent availability to searchers, promotion and dissemination of archives, publications and rich online resources, plus a twice-yearly journal reviewing art publications.

Professional Partnerships
Founded at the initiative of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), Archives de la Critique d’Art have develo- ped partnerships with AICA both internationally and through its French section. It has working relationships with numerous archives in Europe, such as Documenta, Zadig (Archives of the Art Market, Cologne) and beyond (Getty Research Program, Los Angeles).
Its journal, CRITIQUE D’ART, provides French publishers on contemporary art with a reference tool for distribution. These partnerships have borne fruit in specifically funded projects (Europe, Getty, Franco-German Office for Youth, etc.). This network needs to be consolidated and expanded.

Research and Training Partnerships
Archives de la Critique d’Art have an agreement with Rennes University and contribute to professional training and research with their resources and know-how. They offer unrestricted access to their collections for French and foreign researchers. Numerous research programmes have been carried out in the context of tenders or regular cooperation for multi-annual plans (Délégation aux Arts Plastiques, Regional Council of Brittany, Rennes 2 University, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Getty Institute).

Partnerships are to be developed in the areas of training (Strasbourg University, MFA in art criticism, Rennes 2 University, MFA in exhibition skills, plus other programmes abroad) and in the field of research in the form of an international seminar with associated events.

An Original Association of Expertise
Since their creation, Archives de la Critique d’Art has worked with art critics, researchers and institutional figures in efining and managing its project. It was the first body in its field to have an online catalogue, to adopt international standards and to develop collaborative practices in which independent professionals were prepared to entrust them with their archives (critics) or publications (publishers). Based on an analysis of the needs of established or emerging professionals, and on the complementarity of skills, the Archives have developed working procedures that serve several different publics with original formulas. This approach needs to be extended to curators and galleries.

Cultural Action
By organising scholarly and cultural events in Brittany and elsewhere that are open to all, Archives de la Critique d’Art offer a forum for today’s major debates and shows how his- tory can be written on the basis of its resource. These events are followed up by publications.