Symposium 2009

Art, Science, and Global Studies

April 25, 2009, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona

Under the title Beyond Visuality: Art, Science, Criticism and Global Studies, the third annual symposium will consider interdisciplinary issues such as the recent attempt to restore the Universal History (of Art) and the proliferation of concepts such as ‘World Art’ and ‘Global Art’ within the academic fieldwork. The idea of creating an overall account of the multiple histories of art and the idea of universalizing aesthetic values through the discourse of the postmodern are thus the main ingredients of these debates. Starting from the perception that we are in the midst of a general epistemological crisis that affects not only the art practice and critical thinking as such but also its cultural institutions in a post-national level, this symposium will test the actuality of art history (as a Western institution) and the new global designs of critical thought.

Juan Vicente Aliaga, Polytechnic University of Valenciay
Joaquín Barriendos, Universitat de Barcelona
José Luis Brea, Universidad Carlos III
James Elkins, School of the Art Institute-Chicago
Anna Maria Guasch, Universitat de Barcelona
Carles Guerra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Martí Peran, University of Barcelona, Spain
Rafael Pinilla, Universitat de Barcelona
Oriol Silvestre, Universitat de Barcelona

Joaquin Barriendos, University of Barcelona, Spain
Alex Bauzá, University of Barcelona, Spain
Andrea Díaz, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Modesta di Paola, University of Barcelona, Spain
Rafael Pinilla, University of Barcelona, Spain
Ada Sbriccoli, University of Barcelona, Spain
Manuela Quarti, University of Barcelona, Spain

Joaquin Barriendos, Columbia University, Nueva York
Anna Maria Guasch, Universitat de Barcelona

With the support of:
Arts Santa Mònica
Ministerio de Ciencia y Educación / HAR2010-17403 / 2011-2013
University of Barcelona, Departament de Historia de l’Art