Symposium 2008

Visual Epistemologies and Interculturality

March 1, 2008, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona

The second VC/GD symposium elaborates on the limits, pertinency, and contradictions of the idea of establishing a new ‘intercultural dialogue’ between different visual cultures in the global world. On the one hand, differences between diverse practices of looking around the globe will be discussed; on the other, the future of a sort of universal aesthetic modernity will be confronted with the regional shifts and transnational migratory movements within contemporary art system. Consiering elements such as gender, mediactivism, global circulation of local culture, intercultural dialogue, commodification of the postcolonial alterity, and transcultural curatorial practices among others, this symposium will analyze the visual representation of cultural diversity within the art world and will establish connections between espistemic regimes and visual cultures.

Marquard Smith, Kingston University
Juan Vicente Aliaga, Polytechnic University of Valencia
Joaquín Barriendos, Universitat de Barcelona
José Luis Brea, Universidad Carlos III
Elvira Dyangani, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo
Anna Maria Guasch, Universitat de Barcelona
Carles Guerra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Cristián Gómez Moya, University of Barcelona, Spain
Pablo de Soto, Hackitectura

Joaquin Barriendos, University of Barcelona, Spain
Alex Bauzá, University of Barcelona, Spain
Ferrán Barenblit, Centro Arts Santa Mònica
Modesta di Paola, University of Barcelona, Spain
Andrea Díaz, University of Barcelona, Spain

Joaquin Barriendos, Columbia University, Nueva York
Anna Maria Guasch, Universitat de Barcelona

With the support of:
Arts Santa Mònica
Ministerio de Ciencia y Educación / HAR2010-17403 / 2011-2013
University of Barcelona, Departament de Historia de l’Art