The Anarchival Impulse in Contemporary Art

October 24-25-26, 2012
Direction: Anna María Guasch
Coordination: Ada Sbriccoli


The first workshop of this group, hosted at the University of Barcelona, addresses several issues related to the visual archive and the anarchival impulse in the uses of the image in contemporary art. The three days workshop will engage with topics addressing transcultural archiving practices, appropriation, circulation and migration of images on a global scale, as well as the form of archives, documents, histories or collections in the field of contemporary art.

Part of the workshop will consist of keynote presentations and imput comments by the core members of the research group, introducing discussions of selected readings. Onother part will be devoted to guest speakers’ talks and project presentations by invited artists. Beyond the standardized structure of academic lectures, the workshop format encourages horizontal interchange and collective knowledge production, facilitating the establishment of collaborative networks between participants.


MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art / Auditorium
Plaça dels Angels, 1 / 08001 Barcelona


UB, Universitat de Barcelona / Aula Magna
Montalegre, 6 / 4th Stage / 08001 Barcelona

FREE ENTRANCE / Certificate of Attendance will be issued

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