Conference 2015


Second International Conference
October 29-30, 2015, Barcelona, Spain

Organized by: AGI | Art, Globalization, Interculturality
Department of Art History, University of Barcelona
Director: Anna Maria Guasch Ferrer
Coordinator: Rafael Pinilla
Technical Assistance: Christian Alonso, Diana Padrón, Olga Sureda

art-globalization-interculturality-critical-cartography-of-art-second-conference-2015Any diagnosis about globalization is associated with a set of subjects, practices and institutions whose activity -or whose agreements and alliances- shape our World-System one way or another. Issues such as the “Ideological Apparatuses” that determine global politics and economy, the positioning of regions and locations in centers or peripheries, or the transformations of the productive sphere are realities that define the development of a social totality increasingly dependent of processes of transnational scope. In fact, one could say that the “displacement” of these processes -that are intertwined both with geopolitics and the economy- would come to express the inherent complexity of “contemporary being”.

Based on these premises, the Second International Conference CRITICAL CARTOGRAPHY OF ART AND VISUALITY IN THE GLOBAL AGE intends to map a scenario where politics, geography and economics have gained a decisive role in contemporary art practices. Thus, the key policies that articulate our cultural present are set in context; this suggests not losing sight of the “artistic impact” of conflicts that have come to revive the potential of the common action. Alongside this, the geoaesthetic dimension will be reclaimed to interpret those practices that are likely to redefine -or at least to question- the relations between center and periphery. Finally, both politics and geoaesthetics may serve to consider critically the phenomenon of work reorganization; especially the policies that “locate” the gender in a specific coordinates.

Thus we have politics, geoaesthetics and labour; three ways to interpret artistic practices and everything that competes with them -in order to establish a dialogue with questions deriving from disciplines such as Visual Studies, postcolonial criticism or political ecology -without discarding gender issues and New Materialism. Only from this deliberately interdisciplinary engagement will it be possible to renew the critical art potential and the discourses proposed through artistic praxis. This way, the Second International Conference CRITICAL CARTOGRAPHY OF ART AND VISUALITY IN THE GLOBAL AGE wants to continue investing in a methodology that serves to interpret a world whose principles -or paradigms- outline a new horizon: albeit, ultimately, a horizon that poses more questions than answers.


MACBA, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona / Auditorio
Plaça dels Angels, 1 / 08001 Barcelona


UB, Universitat de Barcelona / Aula Magna
Montalegre, 6 / 4th Piso / 08001 Barcelona

Registration Fee:

• Students: 20 € / General: 30 €
• Limited seats
• For a registration and bank transfer details, please contact us through
• Certificate of attendance available on request
• Simultaneous translation English-Spanish / Spanish-English for the Keynotes

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